Lakeside Capital Partners, through its investment company, invests in companies with growth and turn-around opportunities. The investment group provides hands-on management, seed capital, venture capital, private equity, and arranges senior debt; not only to be structured as individual transactions but also syndications and funds.

Lakeside Capital Partners focuses on investments in:
● Fin tech
● Hospitality
● Healthcare
● New Media
● Real Estate
● Technology
● Manufacturing
● Renewable Energy

Healthcare Investments
Lakeside Capital Partners is active in the healthcare sector. The group’s investment strategy has a long-term horizon and aims at creating a sustainable portfolio of diversified healthcare companies. Due to the management’s extensive experience and knowledge in dental healthcare, the first investments concentrated on a chain of clinics in this field. Hereafter, the scope of investments expanded to include healthcare centers, healthcare-related real estate and innovative ventures.

Lakeside Capital Partners’ interest in vertical integration continues to be of importance for its investment strategy. Whilst demographics are reporting a growing elderly index which is leading to increase in demand of dental laboratory service provisions, emerging technologies such as 3D printing are digitizing the workflow in this field. To enhance investments, management decided to enter the dental laboratory market by acquiring 100-years-old dental laboratory, Tandtechnisch Laboratorium Beijn.

Real Estate Investments
Lakeside Capital Partners is active in the real estate sector. Hence, it invests in a range of different investment opportunities. These interests are mainly focused around greenfield, redevelopment and conversion projects, alongside yielding assets. Lakeside Realty is involved in commercial and residential real estate investments. These activities are concentrated in Western Europe, United States and Eastern Europe with a special focus on Turkey.

Renewable Energy Investments
Lakeside Capital Partners is active in the financing of renewable energy projects. To enhance investments in this sector, management decided to first concentrate on solar PV projects in Western European markets. In order to solidify this endeavour, Lakeside Capital Partners structured a joint venture with Switch Energy, a Rotterdam based solar development and engineering group. Alongside the latter, other strategic partnerships have been established with renowned institutions.