Lakeside Collection

A modern and contemporary art collection, founded in 2015 by Lakeside Capital Partners, with local presence exhibited at “Villa Lakeside”, affiliated locations and Depot Boijmans Van Beuningen.

Diversity and inclusion are valuable sources of inspiration for the Lakeside Collection, which consists of over 80 artworks created by local and international artists from 1946 until 2021.

Lakeside Collection believes in the power of art and conveys inspiration to its visitors. The collection exhibits many different art forms ranging from video art, sculptures, paintings, filmography, photography to print.

In 2019 Lakeside Collection became an official member of the Netherlands Association of Corporate Art Collections. For more information:

To learn more about the Lakeside Collection, please visit:


- Tandheelkunde Groep Nederland has realized strong growth
- Interview with Ali Keles in Algemeen Dagblad
- Tandheelkunde Groep Nederland has been awarded the title FD Gazelle 2021
- Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen’s Director Sjarel Ex and Founding Chairman of Lakeside Collection Ali Keles signed a long term lease agreement on October 7ᵗʰ 2021, by which Lakeside Collection commits to a private compartment in Depot Boijmans Van Beuningen
- Lakeside Capital Partners’ interest in the IT sector has resulted in the establishment of Direct IT Solutions
- Marloes Roeper (graduate of HKU, Utrecht) has been awarded the first Lakeside Collection Award. The selection was amongst 26 talented artists selected for the Best of Graduates 2021 by the Ron Mandos Young Blood Foundation
- In collaboration with artist Tomáš Libertíny, Lakeside Bee Farm has been constructed at the premises of Lakeside Capital Partners’ headquarters in Rotterdam
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